I Have 6 Months to Get a Bikini Ready Body?

Question by ?Blonde and still LOVING it?: I have 6 months to get a bikini ready body?
I havent really ever been able to wear a bikini and i am really motivated to be able to wear one on vacation this year the bad thing is i have a lot of weight i need to lose. Im about 5ft 4 inches and wear a dress size of 14…i need to know what things to do to help get me to my ideal body and if it is even possible
i might wear a size 14 but i weigh about 185, and i know that isnt healthy at all which is why i am working on this so hard

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Answer by Sienna
It is possible! In 6 months you can lose 50-70 pounds if you work out daily and eat healthy. Don’t give up!

Answer by Elrick
6 months is PLENTY of time to get a bikini ready body from only a size 14. one suggestion i do is try running or doing abe focused work outs like crunchs in the morning when you wake up and before bed and stretching right after (the stretching will improve your results tremendously in toning), and ontop of that try a colon cleansing, if you havnt done one in awhile or ever you can lose alot of size or weight off of your lower mid section of abes in about 3 days. (ive had a friend lose 8lbs from doing it on first try, and i lost about 5ish)


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