I Got “help” for My Mental Illness and They Dumped me….help?

Question by V: I got “help” for my mental illness and they dumped me….help?
I have pretty serious depression and anxiety. I sought help for it – but my therapist acts like she is sick of me now. I feel like everyone there hates me now, but whenever I bring it up they don’t seem to care. They give me the brush off and I get the feeling like they think Im not trying hard enough. Now I get the feeling like they are giving me the boot (they are, long story)

How do you cope when even mental health professionals hate you? Therapists are just people and they dont like me for some reason.

Please give me some words that will calm me and make me feel better in this situation

(I won’t get professional help again)
i really tried hard in this therapy but there have been too many misunderstandings

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Answer by Blue Ribbon
Sounds like you just have a bad/unprofessional therapist. You could get a new therapist. Not every therapist is a good one and understanding/compassionate. Some basically just suck. But don’t let that stop you from seeking help!!

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