I Find a Drug Rehabilitation Program in New Castle, Delaware?

Question by joy: I find a drug rehabilitation program in New Castle, Delaware?
Does anyone know if I can find a drug rehabilitation program in New Castle, Delaware? I’m from Colorado so I don’t have any idea about the different centers in Delaware. So why am I asking about Delaware? Simple. My parents want me to find a drug rehabilitation program for my brother Jaime in New Castle, Delaware – a place that’s far enough from home… and from rumors. My parents are very protective of Jaime and they don’t want anybody else to find out that their son has a problem with drugs. I would really appreciate your answers.

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Answer by LadyLynn
Hi Joy! The national hotline is l-866-395-1680.

You sound like a wonderful sister, and I hope Jaime gets the help he needs. 🙂

Answer by claire
Nice choice! Delaware is pretty far from Colorado and I’m sure none of your nosy neighbors will find out! See, facilities that offer drug rehabilitation programs are pretty ubiquitous these days so I’m sure that there is at least one in New Castle. Please visit the links I’ve included in my sources to direct to you to a couple of drug rehabs list that might be good for your brother. Tell him goodluck and I hope he gets well soon. Stay by his side please? Receiving treatment for drug addiction is never easy and he needs all the love and care he could get from his family.

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