I Feel Lonely! Any Good Activities to Do on Weekends (Not Drinking)?

Question by Jeremy: I feel lonely! Any good activities to do on weekends (not drinking)?
I recently posted something similar about this. To resume about myself i am a 19 year old man who still lives at his parents’ house. I am a pre-med student and i was diagnosed since childhood with Aspergers’ syndrome.
I am also a volunteer at the red cross helping the nurses cleaning wounds and easy stuff i can do.
It is hard for me sometimes to have good and nice conversations with people thanks to my syndrome and it is even harder obviously to show love and good caring. I do care for people in that case i shouldn’t have chosen medicine as my future career it is just that it is really hard for me to express it in physical ways.

I am afraid i will die alone because honestly, i’ve never had a girlfriend neither best friends to hang on with.
I feel like worthless and i must tell, i have tried suicide two times but thanks to emergency calls i have survived which i thank them so much for what they have done for me and a lot of other people in similar situations.
I have tried psychological therapies but nothing works and i don’t want to try anti-depressants because i don’t want to depend on them for all my life.
I run all days at least 30 minutes, 4 miles, but doesn’t work either.
I am very busy but on weekends i am free like for 8 hours and i am thinking i could do something at those 8 hours instead of sleeping and making it riskier for me to have nervous attacks. It feels horrible when i have nervous attacks it feels like a tight knot of my throat.

Any ideas of groups (not church activities i am an atheist) or juvenile teams that can help me overdue my depression.
Besides here in california you have to be at least 21 to drink alcohol.

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Answer by Beep Beep Meow
Go see a movie? Take up a sport? Play videogames? Build models?

Answer by Nitin C
bro ! i can understand your situation ,this is exactly what i experience a year ago, but some how managed to overcome the situation. wel in your case if you get used to with the expensive video games then it might keep you busy & relax for 5 to 6 hours. Or read some encouraging quotes or books & beleive that its normal , a temporary situation & one day every thing will sound good

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