I Feel Like Im Dreaming? Whats Wrong?

Question by dimestaca512: I feel like Im dreaming? Whats wrong?
Hi, I few days ago I smoked Some synthetic marijuana. and since then i feel like im dreaming and nothings real, and as if im not inside my body? and no ones real? and everything is scripted? i HAVE NEVER done synthetic weed before or since a few days ago? i feel like im maybe in a coma or something and Im just dreaming? what should I do? Who should I talk to?

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Answer by SpagEDDY
The doctor.

Answer by Imani Brown
Boy, my partner Jafar feels this everytime she gets wasted two. You just need to be talkin to someone who you know you can trust. My partner Jafar always talked to juj mathas to slap some cents into her hiney. Also KFC helps

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