I Can’t Help It and It’s Hurting Me?

Question by Lacy L: I can’t help it and it’s hurting me?
I’m always comparing myself to other girls and i’m always putting myself down.I feel like my thighs are huge even though my friends and family tell me otherwise.I just for some reason feel like they are just telling me this to shut me up for a little bit. I’m an 18 year old female,5’6 and 115 pounds. I am constantly worried about how many calories I take in everyday,like it has gotten to the point where I can’t eat or drink anything without looking at the calories first. I also normally feel really guilty after I eat something,I get really scared that i’m gonna gain weight. Do you guys think I need to lose weight?

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Answer by Cola2007
It must be rough to have such an easy life that all you have to worry about is fat your thighs are. If you wear any larger than a size 2 I’d be surprised.

Get over yourself!

Answer by dancer
thinking like this can hurt not only your mental health, but also your physical health. Based on your hight and weight, i would actually say you can afford to gain a few pounds. I am 5″6′ also and when I was 18, i weighted 125 and was by no means heavy or overweight. I barely had any fat on me at all. Now I am 21 and weigh 130. I am still not overweight and according to my body mass index, I am right where I am suppost to be as far as a healthy weight. Try and cheer up, loosing more weight at your state would not be healthy for your body

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