Hurt People, Hurt People


Hurt People, Hurt People – I hope this video helps anyone who is struggling with someone who is being hurtful or if they are hurting themselves…it’s a little bit of truth that can go a long way in understanding where we might be or where someone else is. I pray it blesses you!–Tiffany


Dr Viv's Blog: A sitting duck for an eating disorder

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There is no Eating Disorders unit anywhere near here, so a plan of action was developed between the two of us. First, a Mental Health Plan was drawn up and he was referred to a psychologist who hopefully will help him with his self esteem issues and …
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When love hurts – literally

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Dave's wife decided that he had an eating disorder and took him to the GP. He was referred to the mental health team who realised he did not have an eating disorder, but was comfort eating because of his restrictions to food. They referred him to …
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Happy New Year!

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As I looked at the calendar this morning I realized that we are already two weeks into 2013. It is always surprising to me how quickly the holiday season goes by and also how nice it is to get back into a regular routine and schedule. My holidays …
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