HSC: Cramming It in 48 Hours

HSC: Cramming it in 48 hours
The students say they had noticed symptoms of stress in themselves and their peers, including binge eating and feeling increasingly emotional, but nothing too extreme. ''It's a very stressful time – you're putting your knowledge and ability to the test … Read more on Newcastle Herald

'TakeControl' app to check your binge eating behaviour
According to the scientists, binge eating disorder is defined as repeated consumption of large quantities of food in a short period of time without some other compensatory activity like vomiting. People with binge eating disorder also report feeling of … Read more on Pentagon Post

Shutdown science: Furloughed workers feel burden of boredom
One possible explanation is that bored people take poor care of themselves, engaging in stimulating-but-unhealthy behaviors, such as overeating, drinking or doing drugs, Eastwood said. Very preliminary lab work suggests this indirect link may be the case. Read more on Mother Nature Network

compulsive binge disorder
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