How Would You Integrate a Flotation Tank Regiment in an Aquatic Rehabilitation Center?

Question by : How would you integrate a flotation tank regiment in an aquatic rehabilitation center?
For my architecture studio I’m designing an aquatic rehabilitation center. It will have a handful of high tech individual and group training pools and a lap pool as well as some flotation tanks. I’m wondering if a patient who is using aquatic rehabilitation to recover from an injury would be using the flotation tanks on the same day as the other pools? For some reason I have been thinking they would float only on days when they were not exercising because I haven’t seen anything online about floating in conjunction with exercise.

I don’t know if this would affect your opinion but I’m designing for two 600-T pools and one 1000-T pool from swimex.

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Answer by david
Based upon idea that specific individuals would have individual recovery profiles and plans, some people would be better floating on days when they are NOT using the other pools, other individuals would do better floating on same day they WERE using other pools.

Some will do better floating BEFORE using other pools, others will do better floating AFTER using other pools…

Floating offers many benefits:

– ‘deepest relaxation’ available

– increased physical relaxation leading to greater stamina, strength, coordination

– accelerated rehab performance

– reduces performance stress and anxiety

– improves concentration and visualization capacity

– reduces fatigue and speeds healing/rehabilitation process

– reduction of injuries and alleviating of pain of injuries and normal stress on intensive exercise

– elevates user’s mental/emotional state thru increased confidence, concentration, calmness, and poise

– promotes enhanced creativity, clarity, and well-being in other areas of life

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