How Will I Get to Find Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?

Question by cassandra li: How will I get to find alcohol rehabilitation centers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?
I’m taking up psychology and I was just wondering whether there are any alcohol rehabilitation centers here that will allow me to be an intern for them. I could probably do a little counseling and help out. I want to find alcohol rehabs so that I can get information regarding their qualifications since I also plan on being an addiction counselor after I graduate.

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Answer by Mickie K
Call AA. You should find the number in your local phone book. At the very least they could probably give you the names and numbers of places who could use your help,and help you find the information you need.

Answer by celina c
I think you would need to take up a few courses first on addiction counseling before you become eligible to be an addiction counselor. This is a very noble dream and I hope you really pursue it.

The links below can help you in finding alcohol rehabs. You can also contact your local health services administration and ask them for a list of alcohol rehabs in your area. Good luck and I hope you succeed!

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