How to Use Sam-E Depression Medication


How to use sam-e depression medication – You can check the link below if you want to read my article MY TWITT…


Do 1 in 4 college kids really need anti-depressants?
As seems to be the case with ADD/ADHD, it would appear that depression medication is, at least in part, being over-prescribed. After all, one in four is an awfully high proportion for any psychological disorder, almost high enough to call the use of … Read more on AMERICAblog (blog)

Valium's 50th birthday: little to celebrate
These drugs now exist, but the way we use them – writing 46.7 million prescriptions in 2011 – represents an approach to depression in Britain, which, 35 years after Valium's heyday, is no less glum or scattergun. The new antidepressants – or Selective … Read more on (blog)