How to Treat Severe Depression


How To Treat Severe Depression – Depression is a part of life for many people. Some get treatment for it and some refuse to admit they have issues that may necessitate medical attention. If you know someone who is dealing with depression, you have to deal with it also. If this is the case in your life, there are some things that you should think about when dealing with that person, and some choices that you may have to make. It is never easy to help someone, but you can be sure to help yourself so you do not end up depressed as well. You can help someone live a better life as they try to do so themselves. Dealing with depression in a loved one is never easy. They are not the same person that you know and love when they are depressed. Even worse, unless you have experienced depression on your own, there is no way to understand how that person is feeling. It is easy to tell someone to snap out of it or to get over it, but that is not what depression is about. This is a medical condition that often needs medication to turn it around. If you try to bully someone dealing with depression into being happier, you are only going to push them away and make things worse.


Mental Health Services Erode As States Slash Budgets

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Anything short of that and even someone with a diagnosis of severe mental illness cannot be involuntarily committed. Critics argue … For instance, a combination of cognitive-behavior therapy and medication is most effective at treating depression …
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Myers Park Baptist's minister taking leave of absence

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Steve Shoemaker, longtime senior minister of Myers Park Baptist Church, has entered a 30-day treatment center in Maryland after struggling “over the years with depression and anxiety.” In a letter to church members, Shoemaker said he had been taking …
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