How to Treat Male Depression


How to Treat Male Depression – Men experience depression in different ways than women. In this video Dr Troy Giles show how to treat depression in men. More information is available at


The People's Pharmacy: Long-lasting sexual side effects

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Finasteride (Propecia) also is used to restore hair growth in male pattern baldness. New research suggests that finasteride is linked to depression, even at the lower dose used to treat hair loss. The depression may last after the drug is discontinued …
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Alzheimer's Differing Affects on Male, Female Brains

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Maria Vittoria Spampinato, MD, associate professor at the Medical University of South Carolina, said the study could change the way the disease is treated and the way that new treatments are developed. The researchers used three MRIs of each patient's …
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Does Gender Warp Our View of Depression?

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The reluctance to seek treatment isn't unique to men, but it does reflect an independent-minded streak that is more common among males, Potash says. Men tend to think that pulling themselves out of depression is “something they ought to be able to do …


PTSD may be overdiagnosed, but PTSD deniers are 'wrong,' psychologists say

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… health advocates. David Weidman, who did two tours in Afghanistan and was diagnosed with PTSD, said all of his senior non-commissioned officers advised him not to seek treatment, instead suggesting he “just put your head down and keep going” in …
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