How to Tell if It’s Depression or Dementia


How to Tell if It’s Depression or Dementia – In this video, Kenneth Robbins, MD, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, talks about the difference between dementia and elderly depression. Both diseases affect concentration, motivation and attention, but often depressed patients get misdiagnosed as demented.


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The psychic told the Finding Tessa team, who have been searching for the missing beagle since Christmas Eve, that she believes the dog is with an elderly couple in Lynn. “She feels that the couple doesn't watch TV but does read the newspapers,” the …
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San Diegans Make 'Em Laugh With Laughter Yoga Practice

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But he also leads laughter yoga classes and started a nonprofit called Laughter Matters to bring laughter exercises to the elderly, homeless and people with mental illness and drug and alcohol problems. Whatever your problem, Coleman says laughing can …
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Winter can put elderly at increased risk

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The elderly are at increased risk for depression due to life changes, medication and illness. Wendy Drastal, RN, is vice president of HomeCare Inc., a home care provider in the Merrimack Valley, northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.


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