How to Stop Chronic Depression


how to stop chronic depression – how to stop chronic depression Official Website : Just listen to these success stories that prove the Depression F…


The Shock and Shame of Mental Illness
My depression is called chronic recurring. I can go for long periods without any symptoms but then it seeps in and I fall. So I took her advice. I had no intention of tempting fate especially when I had some control over it. I need the medications to … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

Ensuring the Tenderloin's departed are not forgotten
Some had only sadness, like Ruth Fitchett, in her early 80s, diabetic and suffering from chronic depression. Fitchett had one room in the Dalt Hotel, which she rarely left. She had one friend, a neighbor named Bob. And she had one regular visitor … Read more on Los Angeles Times

Headaches – why you should take them more seriously
Frequently occurring headaches can become a disability leading to poor personal, social and professional quality of life. Also chronic headaches may be a symptom or indicator of other health conditions e.g. depression risk is three-fold higher in … Read more on India.Com Health