How to Stop Binge Eating Part 3


How to Stop Binge Eating Part 3 – This is the third video in the series on how to stop binge eating. It continues on from last week’s video about creating a change lag to stop binge eating and the main things that need to be included are 1. Each day incorporate something self loving and that shows self care into your daily plan. You need to continue to practice this and create new neural pathways Now the ACTION exercise to get on the path to stop binge eating and practice self love and self care: Come up with 30 different ways that you can show yourself self love and self care… Do this and if you like post it on the blog! The second part of the change plan to stop binge eating 2. getting support and accountability Think about these and we will discuss it in more detail in next week’s training. Having these additional tools to relay on will help to create a listing binge eating recovery change plan to stop binge eating permanently.


Can Cheating on Your Diet Help You Lose Weight?

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The problem with sticking to an all-work, no-play eating plan 24/7 is that willpower is finite. Think of it as a muscle—you can't keep it flexed forever. But what … An entire day's worth of binging on unhealthy grub definitely has the potential to …
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