How to Make the Brain Control Obesity (Part 4)

How to make the brain control obesity (Part 4)
According to Professor Stephen Bloom (Part 1), individuals with high body mass index (BMI) produce higher levels of ghrelin, which makes them hungry and want to eat all the time. Recent … When omega-3 fats are deficient in the brain, mental disorders … Read more on Arab News

Why Everything from Frigid Temperatures to Lightning Can Induce Migraines
Usually headaches aren't caused by weather alone, but a combination of triggers, such as lack of sleep, stress, skipping meals, eating too many carbs or foods with lots of preservatives (anything pickled, dried, cured, smoked—basically anything … Read more on Daily Beast

'Saturday Night Live' adds black woman to cast
Save. ''Saturday Night Live'' is adding an African-American woman to its cast after being criticized for a lack of diversity. NBC said Monday that Sasheer Zamata will join the show later this month. She is a recent University of Virginia graduate who … Read more on Boston Globe