How to Improve Concentration of Mind?

Question by jas Jet: How to improve Concentration of Mind?
I have very high I.Q but poor concentration i can’t even sit and study for 5 minutes! What should i do to improve my concentration!

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Answer by lolit
that is my one problem also and i try to mainly focusing to what i do .

Answer by RWPossum
It depends on what your problem is. Maybe it’s your study habits. Maybe it’s your mood. Maybe you just happen to be studying something that you don’t find interesting.

Look around your room. Are there distractions? The worst distractions are moving objects. TV is bad. if you like music when you study, it’s best to keep it quiet and just listen to music without words, like smooth jazz or Mozart. When a desk is messy, it’s about the papers. Nobody cares if books are out of place, or pencils. But you have lots of papers in your studies, and if you’re not careful, your papers will be all over the place. Organizing papers is important but not difficult. You should have a filing system. That doesn’t mean that you have to use a filing cabinet or cardboard file box every day. But you should constantly use use things like paperclips, folders and manila envelopes to keep papers together, and file them away when you get a chance. A neat desk is easier to work with. A well-stocked filing cabinet makes your research easier.

The word for wandering back and forth from a task is dawdling. A psychologist, Marvin Cohn, says in his book about schoolwork but there’s a simple cure for dawdling. Decide at the start how much time it will take to perform a task and get it done in that amount of time, keeping your eye on the clock. The clock is also important when you’re taking breaks. It’s a good idea to take breaks if you have a lot of work , but don’t forget what time it is.

Poor concentration can be a sign of depression. These two questions are a standard depression screening test.

“Over the past 2 weeks, have you ever felt down, depressed, or hopeless?”

“Over the past 2 weeks, have you felt little interest or pleasure in doing things?”

You can also take the CES-D online for free.

There is information on mood disorders for students at this website.

Are these courses not interesting? Maybe you’ll get more interesting ones next semester. In the meantime, always look for what’s interesting in the course. They probably teach it for some reason. See if it has some meaning for you as an individual.

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