How to Identify Depression Symptoms


How to Identify Depression Symptoms – Anyone who has experienced depression knows how debilitating it can be, the mental condition that affects millions around the globe! Understanding the symptoms could help you identify if someone around you is silently suffering!


Ketamine relieves severe depression, experts say

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Experimental use of the drug ketamine may be the beginning of a promising new class of antidepressants, which can relieve symptoms of major depression in hours instead of weeks, say researchers from Yale and the National Institute of Mental Health.
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National Depression Screening Day

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But it can promote awareness of the actual signs and symptoms of depression, explains Dr. Douglas Jacobs, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and founder of National Depression Screening Day. In the early 1990s, when …
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Chronic Pain May Lead to False Diagnosis of Clinical Depression

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People who suffer chronic pain can experience significant physical symptoms and, often, psychological symptoms. Because the physical discomfort caused by chronic pain can mimic the somatic symptoms of depression, it is imperative that clinicians be …
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