How to Help Someone Who Has Chronic Depression?

Question by jlynne1: How to help someone who has chronic depression?
My best friend has been battling with chronic depression for the past 2 years now. She was diagnosed due to fail surgeries with her left knee from a really bad car accident which was traumatic anyways, she was lucky to have lived. She has been on alot of depression medicine like zoloft,cmybalta,welbutrin and a couple others, none seem to work. So she decided to use her inner spirit and cope with everything. She started paying more attention to her health and drink more water and do some exercises and actually lost weight to take the pressure off her knee which really helped with the pain, but even though her she’s getting back her being able to do more things and she’s been doing good with being happy. Just a few days ago she fell into a slump, I think about money and some other stuff. What can I do to help my friend and be strong for her like she has been strong for me in the past? What can people do that have been dianosged chronic depressed and medicine have failed to help?

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First you have to take her off drugs if she is still using them.Drugs cannot cure illnesses only hide them for a short time and make them even worse without the patient knowing it due to the drug effects.if she has been on drugs for a long time the withdrawal must be gradual.Sudden withdrawal can cause serous consequences.The withdrawal must be gradual.Taking less and less medicine each day until she completely withdraws from them.While she is on the withdrawal persuade her to start the omega 3 diet.

Most Psychiatrists and doctors all follow the same philosophy.”take two and call me in the morning” because they are being payed by the pharmaceutical companies to prescribe drugs.Pharmaceutical companies that care only about money and actually hope that their patients will never get well and keep taking drugs to lead a “normal”life,with occasional suicide thoughts.

Depression is caused by the lack of serotonin in your brain which is caused by the lack of omega 3 fatty acids in your brain.A deficiency that most of the humans on this planet have.

Start the omega 3 diet.I have researched omega 3 acids for 2 years and performed a very successful experiment on myself and few of my volunteer friends.Few months of the omega 3 diet i cured my stress[and/or depression] problems permanently and significantly raised my intelligence,improved memory,sight,reflexes[and many other known and unknown benefits]and without any drugs or supplements in the form of pills.

Take two table spoons of grinded flaxseed[rich with omega 3 and cheap]a day[with a glass of water] and in a few months you will start to notice significant improvement in your mental health[you will become more psychologically stable,among other things].Use a coffee grinder.Whole seeds cannot be digested by the hydrochloric acid in our stomach only grinded seeds.A fact and not a assumption.You have nothing to loose only gain by it.There are many articles on the internet about the omega 3.2 years ago before i started the diet i did not feel so stable or happy how i feel today.

Flax is the best source of ALA omega 3 fatty acid which our body converts to more important fatty acids called DHA and EPA.For the efficient conversion to take place,foods containing a large amount of the following nutrients must be consumed along with the flaxseed:C,B3,B6 [vitamins],zink and Magnesium [minerals].I recommend 3 table spoons of flax with 100 grams[or more if to your liking] of almonds and/or 250g of green peas,1 kiwi every day.[do not take more then 3 table spoons of flax because large amounts can cause intestinal gases which can cause abdominal pain and/or constipation.If three spoons causes abdominal discomfort lower the dosage to 2 table spoons of grinded flax and elevate it to 3 table spoons after your body adapts to high fiber content].The flaxseed itself is not important.The omega 3 that are inside them are.

The information in the following link should provide you with the nutritional facts of most if not all known fruits and


Do you want her to spend her entire life as a drug addict buying expensive drugs that only hide the diseases for a short time and do more harm then good?Think about that.

Just because it has never been tried does not mean it does not work.

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Hi. Well I’ve been suffering from chronic depression and anxiety for years, i have a family history of depression and i’ve been in both your position and your friend’s. My cousin, who’s much worse off than i am is taking lexapro and she says she’s felt incredible ever since, so i do believe that it is worth looking into for your friend. Also, the fact that she’s been exercising is great for her. What you really need to do, if you want to help her out is just be there, when you see she’s feeling down, maybe just go over to her place and watch a movie together, call her every now and again just to talk about her day, just know that this happens, and if she’s pulled herself out of it before she can do it again. try to be as patient as possible with her, and let her know that you really want her to get better. you’re a very good friend and she’s lucky to have you. i wish you both the best of luck!

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