How to Help a Stressed Loved One — Arleen Fitzgerald — UHC TV

How to Help a Stressed Loved One — Arleen Fitzgerald — UHC TV Mental Health expert Arleen Fitzgerald shares tips on helping a loved one who is overwhelmed by stress. To ask your question about mental a…



Farmers offered help to combat disease threat to eggs
The website will identify 120 types of avian diseases and disorders, including bird flu and fowl typhoid. It will also help farmers identify eating disorders among hens through a range of detailed questions compiled by a number of international … Read more on Sydney Morning Herald

Providing help to adolescent girls
“It's an adolescent girls program designed to help girls develop healthy communication skills and positive self-esteem and to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and the full specttrum of traumatic disorders.” As with all services … Read more on Packet Online

Feeling sad? It's that time of the year
These are signs and symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that occurs during the winter. … Eating fatty fish like salmon, herring, or sardines at least twice a week is the best way to get enough omega-3. If you don't eat … Read more on (blog)

Brighten SAD Winter Days
SAD is a serious disorder that causes depression during specific seasons, particularly winter. SAD can be debilitating and create a sense of hopelessness. … Eating complex carbs can raise those levels. Choose whole grains, fruits, and vegetables for … Read more on West Bend News