How to Get a Good Night's Sleep — Even When You're Depressed

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep — Even When You're Depressed
With a little bit of willpower and a change in routine, you can do this. Sleep is important. In fact, respondents to my survey of over 4,000 people rated getting a good night sleep number 10 (out of 60) in importance for overcoming depression and bipolar.
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Overcoming depression – a Rugby star's story
Rugby League star, Danny Sculthorpe, works with the charity "State of Mind". He's involved with a team of professionals raising awareness of mental health issues within sport. He talked to Granada Reports about his own struggle with depression.
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US Representative Patrick Kennedy Describes his Struggle to Overcome
Back from the Brink: True Stories and Practical Help for Overcoming Depression and Bipolar Disorder, written by respected author and mental health advocate Graeme Cowan, brings readers on a personal journey of hope, resilience, and strength that …
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Overcoming an eating disorder can be done with hard work
People with a family history of depression, mental illness or disordered eating are more at risk of developing an eating disorder. “It's not just fat phobia. … It also is about something much deeper,” Thakkar says. “Genetics load the gun and the …
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