How to Forget My Past and Move On/take Control of My Life?

Question by Miss Green: How to forget my past and move on/take control of my life?
I just graduated high school.

I used to be very popular in junior high, and a little bit of freshman/sophomore year. I was fit and took care of my health/my appearance/image. I had friends.

I also studied hard, was ambitious, goal-oriented, dedicated to schoolwork, studious. I was very outgoing, friendly, cheerful, well-liked, and generally happy.

Then in sophomore year when I broke up with my first serious boyfriend, everything plummeted.
I became extremely depressed and suicidal, and was bitter all the time. My attitude towards people changed. I was negative and pessimistic, and all I really remember during my dark times was that I was very very very depressed. My thoughts were consumed 24/7 of my ex and my past relationship. I even turned to cigarettes to help “ease the pain,” which was something my past self would NEVER do because I was a “goody-goody” with high morals.

As a result, I did not/could not focus on school. My grades dropped significantly, and I went from a straight A (sometimes B) student to a C/D student. This depression lasted about a year, and stopped towards the end of my junior year. However I got depressed again starting from senior year because I realized my grades were too low to get accepted into my dream university that I wanted to go since I started high school. I am going to a community college now, in hopes of transferring to my dream university.

I also significantly lost a lot of friends, popularity, and reputation during my dark stage. Because of my depression, I also stopped taking care of myself and gained about 30 pounds. I went from fit to fat. I went from a popular well-liked girl to practically a loner. Today, I am still friendless and only have like a couple close friends whom I don’t even hang out with. I have no group of friends and I am basically still a loner.

These days I really want to take control of my life and start fresh. I want to be the person I was before: ambitious, studious, goal-oriented, cheerful, positive, popular, friendly, outgoing, etc. and get into my dream university by studying hard at my community college.

HOWEVER, I feel like a part of me still is hanging onto the person I’ve become due to my breakup. I still feel depressed, lonely, sad, and sorry for myself. I know that it’s all in the head and I CAN jump back and become who I was / who I want to be, but it’s hard.

I’m making the effort these days to throw out all the junk in my house that I don’t need, to basically start fresh. I’m also trying to eat healthily and exercise again. But a part of me still feels so sad and frustrated that I experienced such a low time in high school and was so depressed.

How can I forget my past and move on / take control of my life? I really feel depressed. I don’t really want to see a therapist or anything..

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Answer by Shakil
yea it is

Answer by Jane
That’s really a good start. Try changing your wardrobe, clean your room. It really takes time to get over a break up especially if it went bad. But I guess you’re now ready to face a new chapter of your life. Try to get a hobby, do the things that you used to enjoy doing with. It’s good that you didn’t rush having another relationship. I suggest you take care of yourself, eat healthy, be beautiful. enjoy your youth and beauty, then add with with brains, i believe you’re really smart. and do it not for others, do it for yourself. Should you ever need inspiration, think of your family. Pamper yourself, go out with new set of friends or a trusted friend, Life is as beautiful as you. Go enjoy it. Take this as an opportunity to learn from the past. Learn from it and move on,

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