How to Deal With Depression?

Question by Complicated: how to deal with depression?
im 17. I suffer from depression. I wont tell my parents about it because they will worry about me and i just can’t see a doctor. i just want to know how you can help cope with it? i’ve felt like this for a few years now. i’m not happy being me if that makes sense. please don’t mock my question its a serious question.

Please if you know a way tell me, i’ll be so thank full.

Hope you had a nice day 🙂
i don’t like taking tablets, i know its stupid but i really don’t like to. I stay in a lot because my friends don’t ever go out and i don’t like going out on my own it makes me feel lonely.

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Answer by Ray-e
I understand depression. If you can’t go to the doctor right now, you have a few natural options and you can do them together everyday,
Eat a banana everyday.
Take the amino acid suppliment “L-Tyrosine” directed on the bottle. You get it at a health food store.
Exercise at least 30 minutes everyday. Get your heart rate up!
Get plenty of rest…you need about 8 or 9 hours a night.
If you do all of these and it doesn’t help…you need a doctor.
You can also eat a healthy diet of veggies, fruit and lean protein.
Hope you get better!

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