How to Cure Depression?

Question by kody: How to cure depression?
I can’t afford any meds. I feel depressed everyday and I think about death alot. I’ve tried to be socialable but everyone I usually met treated me like crap. I’ve tried alot of things but I’m always back in the gutter. Please NO ANSWERS ABOUT GOD but how are there ways to cure depression?

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Answer by hasse_john
drugs don’t help. Clean up your diet. there are many toxic things that most people eat. Ideally you should be eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Supplement “B” vitamins. Get much more exercise.

Answer by Chris
I have been depressed on and off since a young lad. The times that for me I am barely depressed or being quite cheery are the times when I really have something good going on in life.

Perhaps you are working on a project that is very important to you. Maybe going on a vacation for a few months to the first choice on your list of places to go. Whatever is it that you are doing or have been doing, make it something that to you really matters and is important. If you do that your depression will subside.

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