How to Best Prepare for a Recession?

Question by Oatmeal4breakfast: How to best prepare for a recession?
recession seems ever near, so what are the likely results, what is to happen, how to prepare???

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Answer by blossom
Make sure all your bills are paid up, and nothing left outstanding. Perhaps a bigger thing, would be, to “Think” positively. if everyone believed there would be a recession, perhaps that fact alone would swirl everyone down into the very recession hole, no-one wanted to go into. Be Positive!

Answer by Evil J
Stock up on bottled water and shotgun shells.

The recession is going to have multiple effects. Stock prices have been dropping like a stone and will continue to do so. People are losing confidence as they lose their jobs and as commodity prices go up.

The best way to prepare is to take short positions 3 months ago and cash out on the long ones. Ring the register all the way down, and when the last buy-and-hold investor sells at the bottom, go on a spending spree – swelling your portfolio to obscene proportions in the greatest buying opportunity in 20 years.

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