How to Beat Severe Depression?

Question by eatme: How to beat severe depression?
First off I am Bipolar, OCD, and have PTSD, anxiety, depression and am agoraphobic.

I suffer from severe depression almost constantly. I have little interest in the things that I used to like to do and little hope for things to get better. I am tired all the time with nearly no energy most of the time. This is probably mostly due to the bipolar disorder and maybe partly a few other personal factors. I have such a low amount of energy I can’t bring myself to get up to do any more than I absolutely have to. This is difficult because I have three children. All of this is causing a tremendous impact on my life and my family.

I don’t think I feel suicidal, though I have had obsessive (OCD) thoughts about the death of myself or others (its not a fun obsession, trust me, I can’t help it). I just mostly often feel that I am desperate for escape, especially from my feelings and thoughts.

I can’t bring myself to do the normal things that keep peoples energy up such as exercise or go out to work (agoraphobic) or to even socialize, or go run errands.

I would love more than anything to have a normal life, with things to do, places to go, people to see. I wish I had more energy for my children. I wish I could wake up happy and refreshed instead of groggy grumpy and sore.

Also – I have made the steps to see a psychologist and therapist, which is the only thing I leave the house for (I have to be highly medicated to do so). I have been seeing them on and off for the last two years. I have discussed all of these things with my Doctors and they are doing the best they can. I do take medications and I am working on these disorders with Doctors, but so far I still feel these awful feelings.

What else can I do? Someone please help?

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Answer by Jim
you just need to dive into the volcano. ortuk will cleasne you

Answer by pagamenews
Do you know what I think? I think that as medicine “advances” we as a society tend to be pushed back to the dark ages.

Here’s the deal. Yeah, I have my own bouts with depression sometimes. But the thing is, I think it’s overhyped by the pharmaceutical industry to try to get people to BUY DRUGS and feel sorry for themselves.

30 years ago, if you told someone you were bipolar, they would have thought you meant something sexual. The word was not common in our English language.

Remember carpel tunnel syndrome? I have known scores of women that worked in “typing pools” from the 1920s into the 1970s. None of them complained of so-called carpel tunnel syndrome. But, once it was announced…then everyone had it! (What about concert pianists?)

Ok, so here’s my remedy…and it won’t cost you a dime. First, make a schedule. Think of something you know would benefit you if you did it, then do it. Something that involves meeting other people.

Second, tell yourself that not only will you OBEY your OWN schedule, but that you intend to benefit from what you will be doing. That you will strive to greet and meet 2 total strangers and strike-up a conversation with them. This does two things. It proves to you that other people “have lives” and that you can too. And, that you are a valueable person that others enjoy being around.

Little by little, you will feel your confidence coming back to you and you will start to enjoy life again.

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