How to Ask to Be Tested for Depression?

Question by Ally: How to ask to be tested for depression?
So I think I may be depressed. I mean I feel depressed, and I go through these moments where I feel all my emotions just come crashing down and I start crying no matter where I am, because it’s the kind of tears you can’t stop. I’ve taken tests online (And I know they say not to take it as a diagnosis) but all of them say that I could be suffering from moderate to severe depression. I really want to just sort this out, and find out if I really do have depression. How do I ask my mom or dad or brother or sister to take me to get tested for it?

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Answer by Doug
If you feel depressed then..dut duh DUH…you’re depressed.

Just work on ways to make you feel less depressed. There are about a million books on it. Read up before you get beat up, peed on, be on free lunch and change schools every three months.

Answer by Karen
Be like: Mom i feel weird.. Ive been feeling down for no reason 🙁 Im kinda worried..

(Let the talk flow)
Dont be to direct on your words.

Tell her you feel sad and emotional.. Ask her what depression is and tell her you sometimes feel like that.
Then tell her you would like to get tested cause your tired of feeling like that!
And be serious too.
Lol :b

Well hoped this helped 🙂 trust your mom

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