How Sleeping Better May Help You Age Better | Timi Gustafson

How sleeping better may help you age better | Timi Gustafson
The effects of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders may be less apparent in younger people, but they are nevertheless real. Besides being more prone to engage in hazardous … Timi Gustafson R.D. is a registered dietitian, newspaper columnist, blogger … Read more on Maple Valley Reporter

Reporter's Notebook: From Bollywood to Hollywood
Although each week was simultaneously challenging and satisfying, some articles twirled me into the worlds of dulcimers, clog dancers and surprise marriage proposals, while others permitted me to shake hands with Martin Short and watch Bernadette … Read more on Daily Pilot

UND doctor part of team doing research on eating disorders
UND doctor part of team doing research on eating disorders. Grand Forks, ND (WDAY TV) – Eating Disorders affect nearly eleven million Americans. With so much still unknown about the illness, doctors are continuing to do research, some of it in our own … Read more on WDAY