How Should I Overcome My Anxiety and Depression at School or at Home?

Question by radraz26: How should I overcome my anxiety and depression at school or at home?
I am a freshman in high school. I feel like I have close to no friends at all. I have clinical depression and an anxiety disorder. I’m over weight, with extremely low self esteem. I can’t find the positives in things. I feel suicidal all the time. I don’t really cut much (I did once, and didn’t like it) but I think I might try again. My high dose of medication is begining to fade from my system even though I take it religiously. I have no girlfriend. My home life is great I just need to work on some coping skills do you have any suggestions?

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Answer by bluesun
i was suicidal at the start of freshmen year in 95. what helps me is just meditation. even on the bus or home. take deep breaths. plus try to help you. plus and helps. plus call 1800 lifenet or 1800 suicide. i will help you [email protected] and try to join my new group i’ve started [email protected]

Answer by skayrkroh
Ryan- Bless your heart.
These years are difficult for everyone. Even the coolest kids with the most friends feel the way you do- they just hide it better.
Peers can be cruel. Who needs them? Days, months perhaps years from now their opinions won’t even be a memory.
Concentrate on the things you enjoy doing- after school work. Do not try to attract people. If you are doing what you love to do and are kind and gentle with yourself; they will seek you out.
The most important thing you can learn is to love you. Why would someone else be interested if you aren’t good enough for you?
The overweight thing you can do something about. It is one thing you do have control over. Eat well, not lots. Leave the junk food alone and learn to love fruits and vegetables. Eat your protein, ie meat 1st, then your veggies and lastly your carbs like potatoes. You will fill up faster with the foods that are best for you.
Limit your salt and drink nothing but water. Soda is your enemy. Diet soda has been shown to eat holes in your brain.
Mostly, know that you are not alone in your feelings. You are not alone period. Suicide is not an option. Nothing is so big that God is not bigger. Get in touch with Him and watch what He will do.
You’re in my prayers. Good luck.


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