How Often Do I Use Compound W Freeze Off for One Wart?

Question by missemilyjean: How often do I use Compound W Freeze Off for one wart?
The box that I have has 12 “applications.” I used one today, and thought that I would do one every day until the box was gone. But their instructions are unclear and sometimes they use “application” and sometimes they use “treatment.” Do I wait two weeks to do another “application” if the wart does not fall off by then? Or do I do one application for 12 days as course of one “treatment”?

I looked on line at their website, re read the instructions a couple of times, and looked around online…

Thank you!!

Best answer:

Answer by corgiesrule
Forget the compound w. Use nail polish, old thick nail polish is even better. Coat the wart every day for 3 days. Use a thick coat, don’t remove it between coats. On the fourth day peel off the nail polish and the wart will come off with it.

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