How Much Should a Teenage Boy Eat?

Question by CLICKY HERE: How much should a teenage boy eat?
I am 13, 5′ 6.5″ and currently somewhere near 102 or 103 pounds, and I am male. I know i am underweight. I am a recovering anorexic, and not doing too well. Ive lost the ability to passively know how much food i need. So how much food do i need in a day? I am really active like 3 hours per day usually. How much do i need to eat per day? Like not calorie wise, how much FOOD? Thank you! ask me if u need any more info

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Answer by Shark in the aqua
Well during the adolescent years teenagers usually eat more than usual just because you are growing and getting older. But there gets to a point were you could be eating way to much or way to little. Its very unhealthy not to eat that much actually you should eat more during you adolescents. My doctor actually recommended me eating more but of course to eat healthy stuff.

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