How Much Do You Know About Sleep Apnea?

Question by 70s Survivor: How much do you know about Sleep Apnea?
Did you know that Sleep Apnea is a serious and deadly disease which affects many Americans who aren’t even aware of it? The symptoms include snoring, daytime drowsiness/sleepiness, cessation of breathing during sleep, night sweats, morning headaches, loss of concentration and many others. I have lost two friends in the past two years to Sleep Apnea. Both were diagnosed and refused to use their CPAP machines. I was diagnosed in 2000 and use a CPAP every time I sleep.

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Answer by amber addiction
what is this question about, may i ask?

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IntensiveTherapy.wmv – Dave’s daughter Lauryn and her therapist Monica in their final session of Intensive Therapy – Courage Center Burnsville – summer 2009.


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