How Is Smoking Weed for Depression Any Different Than Taking Antidepressants?

Question by Kyle Andrew: How is smoking weed for depression any different than taking antidepressants?
I always hear people talk about how smoking weed (or any drug for that matter) is pathetic, but then they go on to say “go to your doctor,” which to me is even worse because marijuana is far safer and has a much longer histroy of use than antidepressants.

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Answer by ManBearPig
Head over to the Anxiety and depression forum and ask this.

You will find many replies telling you that weed is very bad for depression and in some cases cases de-realisation to sufferers.

Answer by It’s a-me, Mario!
Marijuana acts as a depressant which is the opposite of what you need when you already suffer with depression. Anti-depressants on the other hand while having some side effects, it also picks up the mood and evens out the anxiety and other feelings leaving the person calm and collected vs so low and slurring and too dangerous to work or operate machinery when having smoked marijuana.


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