How Is Postpartum Depression Treated?

How is postpartum depression treated?
Many new mothers battle with postpartum depression. Dr. Nehama Dresner explains how it is treated, and the effect it has on newborns.



Postpartum Depression is a Family Affair
At long last, people are talking about postpartum depression. Dismissed for years as no more than a touch of the baby blues (or else unheard of entirely), postpartum depression — or PPD, as it is often known — has become an open subject. Healthcare … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

Mother-Child Shooting: Depression And Stigma
Postpartum depression is considered a possible contributor to this homicide case, because of Harnish's mental health history and complications during the birth of her daughter. Both factors can elevate the risk of postpartum depression — a common but … Read more on The Ledger

Canada must find ways to prevent postpartumdepression deaths
Shockingly, Canada has no system for analyzing how many maternal deaths (that is, mothers who die in the first year after their baby is born) are caused by psychiatric illnesses such as postpartum depression. Nor is there a consistent screening system … Read more on The Globe and Mail