How Is Marijuanna Bad?

Question by luke: how is marijuanna bad?
ive tried it. ive felt happier. it helped me gain weight. my iq is fine. i dont feel self-concious. but with all the anti-weed stuff going on, im beggining to believe it my self. actually, i have no idea to belive. after an hour or so of research, this is what i now know. doesnt really help.-

one joint=5 ciggarets
one joint=11.5 ciggarets
one joint=25 ciggarets
“weed is less harmful the aclchol/tobaco”
“weed causes depression”
“weed cures depression”
“weed causes pycosis”
“ive smoked 3-4 joints a day for 20 years and my iq is genius”
“weed causes anxiety”
“weed lowers stress”
“weed affects dopamine levels” (so happy is a negative side effect?)
“weed causes cancer”
“weed helps cancer patients”
“weed causes high risk for heart attacks”
“weed widens artery vains and lowers choleterol”

so what do i believe? i mean really?

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Answer by Destiny
What goes up must come down.

Marijuana = Depression

Toke…I mean take it from someone who knows!

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