How I Beat Depression (1/2): The Theory


How I beat Depression (1/2): The Theory – Part 2 is here: I have depression, I studied for the last 7 years to beat it. I have now figured it out. Hopefully I can help some other people as well. This is the explanation of the theory. watch the second part for the application. BG Charltons Paper: My papers:


SPORTS Q&A: York College's Brittany Hicks

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My most memorable moment was beating St. Vincent and Juniata last year to advance to the NCAA Sweet 16. Those two wins … I think the pressure to achieve academic success is making students stressed and sometimes leads to depression. There is such …


Lessons from 'Walkin' Lawton' Childes in new biography

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He advanced health care for children, beat Big Tobacco out of billions and spoke candidly of his personal bout with depression. He gave speaking turns to a few average citizens during his inaugural address, spoke admiringly of Czech leader Vaclav Havel …
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