How Fast Do Mental Illness Research Progress?

Question by John: How fast do mental illness research progress?
Are there any estimates for better “cures” for stuff like depression, anxiety. Or illnesses which currently have no good relief methods like derealization/depersonalization?

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Answer by Jared
More is going on than is reported, or can be found in literature. Research is abound,.. funding not as much with the economic downturn and recession we have been living in.

More importantly, or equally — The attitude our generation (Those from about 13-38 yrs of age right NOW) give or take,.. is vastly different than the older generations.. ie: (70+), even aged (50-70). (Our parents, or grandparents.)

Our attitudes are less that mental illness is a ‘weakness’ and more of an acceptance. More of science based attitude of the truth, that it is a biological illness that deserves and needs the same treatment as any physical. This is a huge step. We aren’t “there” yet — but we are making huge strides,..

Why is this so important?

Because the stigma surrounding mental illness effects the ability at which we can treat it, the importance of treating it, hence its funding, and definitely how many actually SEEK treatment.

As it becomes more common and not a ‘flaw’ for others to know you are seeing a mental health professional.. you are more likely to see them, the more patients people see the more quickly our knowledge grows.

As far as pure scientific research — the pharmaceutical companies without any motivation but money (having new products for when their other patents run out) will ALWAYS push new drugs out that are marginally better than previous..

Though, with neuroimaging techniques, and the quest for genetic components and relation a whole new approach or addition to treating mental illness is on the horizon.

It is complex, and will be more of a, not here one day, and here the next type of thing.. not something we have announced to come in the future.

Think of SSRI’s, SNRI’s, SSRE’s, the atypical antipsychotics, and all the various medications out there — we never heard of them before they were really just ‘here’.. same will be many others..

A good place to start for the latest and greatest is where the top minds are working.. here:

Take care,

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