How Effective Are Detox Drinks on Drug Tests?

Question by Hi V: How effective are detox drinks on drug tests?
Hello all! I don’t want a debate on “you shouldn’t smoke or do drugs.” I actually want some help here or previous experiences. I recently got offered a job and to take it I would have to submit to a drug test tomorrow. I had no clue of this and to deny the drug test would put my current job in trouble. This is all part time and isn’t really serious… I just like to smoke a little bit of ganja once in a while. I am a responsible person. I never miss work or come late. I consider pot to be like alcohol. When used in moderation its ok.

I bought one of these “detox” drinks from a local headshop. They claim they have been selling it for years with no complaints and I have heard of them working. The answers on here seem to vary from “stop doing drugs dumbass” to “dewd, like totally, they always workz” which doesn’t help much.

Im looking for a straight forward answer. This drink claims 99.999% success rate. I have to drink it an hour before the test and it lasts 1-5 hours.
Its already started… saying I “need a heads up.” You are basing everything about me off a few words I tossed up on Yahoo Answers… what kind of person does that make you?

Millions upon millions of Americans smoke pot at sometime in their life. If we let that one or few experience ruin their lives simply because we think pot is bad, then we are stupid.

Just because my personal choices aren’t in line with your own doesn’t mean you should judge me or control what I do or do not put in my body.

Have you ever heard of someone getting stoned and wrecking their car or beating their wife? No. But, you do hear it with alcohol.

I don’t drink much at all, if ever. Im a good person. I pay my taxes, I vote, im a good worker, and I don’t lie. I treat everyone with respect. I am not a “hippie” either. I just choose to smoke a joint once in a while and enjoy my life.

Is that too much to ask for?

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Answer by rougerocker
Man do you need a heads up.

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