How Eating Disorder Treatment Tries to ‘Fatten You Up’


How Eating Disorder Treatment tries to ‘Fatten You Up’ – Ever wanted to peek behind the curtain??…into the kitchen of an eating disorder treatment inpatient clinic to see exactly what they slap on your plate? Well here is the inside scoop into the harsh reality of the ‘misinformation and short-cuts’ that the majority of these eating disorder clinics take in order to ‘fatten you up’ and call you ‘recovered’. Most eating disorder recovery coaches will NOT teach you the intricacies of holistic nutrition that I teach my clients, because they falsely assume that you cannot handle this information and that you will ‘go off the deep end’ and use these teachings to further harm yourself. I know that you are born to be free, and you just need a TRUE coach, who has walked in your shoes and understands your struggles & needs, to come along side you and show you HOW to get your OWN freedom. So I will not treat you like a powerless victim who is incapable of using holistic nutrition knowledge for GOOD. You can do this! You and I both know that a ‘return to normal weight’ is NOT recovered… and it is definitely NOT FREEDOM! These eating disorder treatment clinics are overrun, overwhelmed, and feeling pressured to restore your weight quickly in a quest to ‘label you recovered’ so they can get you out the door and get the next client in. This goal of ‘speedy weight restoration’ leads to pumping you full of foods that do little else for you besides add weight to your waistline and fuel your emotional roller


Health Notes – Walk from Obesity is Saturday

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Published: Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 1:06 p.m.. Last Modified: Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 1:06 p.m.. The Chrysalis Center for Counseling and Eating Disorder Treatment will have its Walk from Obesity fundraiser on Oct. 27 at Mayfaire Towne Center.


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