How Does the 4-Day Postpartum Solution Impact Bonding and Breastfeeding?


How does The 4-Day Postpartum Solution impact bonding and breastfeeding? – Postpartum depression symptoms can feel like a nightmare. I am so sorry you are feeling this way, or are concerned about a loved one. …


A Mother's Struggle
“Raising awareness is key because so many mothers suffer in isolation,” says Maggie Muir, a family therapist and member of SCPMHTF. “The most important thing for a mother with postpartum distress to know is that they are not alone. Postpartum … Read more on Good Times

Postpartum depression may affect child's height
"Mothers with postpartum depression struggle with best feeding practices," says Sullivan. "So, they don't do the recommended breastfeeding. They seem to cut off their breast feeding at shorter times and duration than mothers without postpartum depression. Read more on 14 News WFIE Evansville

A Great Divide: Bridging Gaps Between Maternal and Mental Health
According to the non-profit MotherWoman, one in six postpartum women suffers from perinatal emotional complications (PEC). These PEC's can include anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive and post-traumatic stress symptoms and much less frequently, … Read more on Huffington Post (blog)