How Do You Take the First Step Towards Recovery?

Question by Alexis: How do you take the first step towards recovery?
So I asked a question on here before “when do you know you’re ready for recovery?” but my question now is how do you take the first step? How do you ask for help?

I’ve been suffering with disordered eating for a while now although I’ve never been “officially” diagnosed with an eating disorder. I’ve never had the balls (if you will) to see someone about it. I’m 18 years old and about to graduate highschool so I know it’s important for me to get help. I plan on going into the filmmaking/ fashion photography industry but I’m just scared I’ll be triggered. I’m scared I’ll have to fight this war alone. I’m scared I’ll self-destruct. I know I need help now, I just don’t know how to get there.
I’m tired of living on one “meal” a day.
I’m tired of “getting by”.
And as cliche as this sounds, I’m really ******* tired of being tired.

Help please?
Thanks for reading Xx

Best answer:

Answer by OwlBear
Just go to a meeting.
It’s free!

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