How Do You Stop a Child From Developing an Eating Disorder?

Question by Draya: How do you stop a child from developing an eating disorder?
Here is her symptoms:

She loves how thin she is. She often squeezes her waist and comments how cool it is that her fingers can touch all the way around.

She recently stated she is a vegetarian because animals are friends not food. Maybe an excuse to not eat something?

She picks at her food, and only eats small bites and then throws the rest away.

Will give her brother her food on the plate that she doesnt like.

She is 11. Has always been on the small size, is physically active and otherwise a great kid with no other problems.

Best answer:

Answer by og
You have her see a therapist who specializes in eating disorders .

Answer by babydoll
What people could have done to prevent me from developing an eating disorder…

– allow me to have control over what I eat, I was really fussy, so my parents would constantly put food I hated on my plate and literally force me to eat it, this was horrific

– prevent me from believing that the fact I am thin is the only thing that makes me individual and special

– help me to stop feeling so ridiculously insecure and worthless all the time

– my mum should probably have breast-fed me as a baby (lack of breast-feeding can be a cause of fussy-eating disorders)

– allow me to feel as though I had control over all areas of my life… when I felt like decisions about my life were taken out of my hands, that’s when I started to take control in ways I could… and controlling my eating is something that no-one can stop me doing.

– encourage the healthy body image that really thin people look ill, disgusting, pale and bony (this fact makes me want to eat), and that people with curves look truly healthy, glowing and beautiful.

For me it was always about control more than anything else… but yes my parents decision to force food that I hated down my throat certainly never helped. I hated that I had to eat what and when everybody else said so, I didn’t want to eat breakfast, I hated sandwiches for lunch, and I only wanted chocolate for tea… as soon as I could make those decisions for myself, an eating disorder developed.

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