How Do You Decide Which Bachelors Degree to Go for in the CJ Field?

Question by lili01: How do you decide which bachelors degree to go for in the CJ field?
What kind of jobs can you get with a bachelors degree in CJ and what are the different jobs you can get in science or admin how do I decide?
I am in the criminal justice program getting my bachelors how do I decide which one to go in science or the administration. I have done my own research and I dont really come up with much.

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Answer by equal_opposites
What do you mean by “CJ”? Do you mean “CT” Computer Technology?

Edit: OK Criminal Justice. 🙂
There are jobs like cop, parole and probation officers, administrator, rehab center jobs, prison guards and wardens, dispatchers, forensic investigators, private investigators….

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