How Do U Guys Feel About Lindsay Lohan ONLY Gettin 1 Day in Jail and 10 Days of Community Service?

Question by Chloe: how do u guys feel about lindsay lohan ONLY gettin 1 day in jail and 10 days of community service?
AFTER GETTING BUSTED WITH COCAINE… wow this is really ridiculous i think its so crazy how upsessed people can be over celebrities that are human as well. Had that been a regular person that got busted with coke or better yet an african american they would of possibly served up 2 10 years!

Best answer:

Answer by Ande-Lin F
It shows how completley screwed up the legal system is!
There is some truth to the saying ” Money can buy you anything!”

Answer by steller7
I don’t think it’s fair only because she’s a celebrity she’s not going to be in jail for that long. I think she is dumb because why would someone like her be using drugs if she is rich and famous.

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