How Do I Tell My Mom I Think I Have Depression?

Question by Miss Miku: How do i tell my mom I think i have depression?
I hate myself.
I want to die and constantly thinks of away to kill myself.
I find people are just too happy for me, though I act crazy to hide my sadness
Whoa, that wasn’t much..
I told my mom once, and she wanted to take me to this “play therapist” which I LOATHE.
I don’t want to go there.
I mainly want the pills

Best answer:

Answer by Oskarmandude1
Have black hair, bags under your eyes, only wear black and listen to death metal, she’ll know.

Answer by Masato
be honest and tell your mother.
sometimes you don’t want to pick the wrong time because you know if she is busy it may be hard to pay attention.
also don’t die, and live please.


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