How Do I Talk to My Doctor About Depression?

Question by iamsloth: How do I talk to my doctor about depression?
Im only 12. But I think I may have depression. Should I like write down my symptoms in a journal and show him? Or just be like “Can I ask you something? Can you test me for depression?” Or is there a different way I should ask? Please help. I have an appointment in 3 days.

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Answer by Anne
honest and straighforward – dr’s don’t have time to waste. You dr. would only be referring you to a psychiatrist. You won’t get diagnosis or help from your regular dr.

You can simply say “I’m worried that I might be depressed. I’ve been feeling very ______”

Answer by Pops
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Also, tell your doctor and your guidance counselor at school. Schools often have good resources for kids who are feeling depressed. If you are occasionally feel sad, the good news is you’re normal, not depressed. On the other hand, if you want to kill yourself, you may be depressed.

The fact that you are even asking suggests you should talk to someone. Your guidance counselor or doctor are both good places to start. Start with your doctor if you will see him in 3 days.

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