How Do I Stop Having All These Horrid Dreams? I Wake Up Crying Almost All the Time…?

Question by Nicole: How do I stop having all these horrid dreams? I wake up crying almost all the time…?
It started when I was 15 when my eating disorder was really bad and I was hardly eating at all, I would dream that I had eaten a massive plate of really fattening food or weighed myself and gained 6lb, this happened at least 6 times a night and I would wake up in a complete panic each time having to go and weigh myself. I could only go back to sleep when I convinced myself that I did not eat anything.

Then when I started to bing purge more the nightmares changed and became more about something consuming me like I can see myself laying unconscious in a hospital bed and a machine starts sucking every drop of blood from my body really fast untill I am just a dry corpse and no matter how much I screamed and cried for help no one could hear me.
Also there was one where I saw myself as a child swimming in pools of black water then when I look up I am being consumed by a monster, but by the time I notice what is happening, it is too late.

Then since I have started recovery I have been having lots of nightmares or being misunderstood, like I try to do something which I think is good but everyone hates me and prosectues me for it.
Just last night I had a dream that my sister was just starting to make herself throw-up (she is 24 and very overweight) and my mum was extremely concerned, but she never cared about my eating disorder and said I was just trying to make everything about me.

Mainly all my nightmares are about either bing judged horribly by the people I care about, everyone else having an eating disorder and they all matter more than me, people msunderstanding me, being eaten alive…

What can I do to stop all these horrid dreams, I wake up almost every morning in floods of tears. Also a lot of them are very triggering foor my eating disorder so recovery seems almost impossible.

Please help me, what do i do?
No therapist, psycologist or psychiatrist has ever been able to help me with this.

Best answer:

Answer by Jayden Bryant
clear you mind before sleeping and think of happy thoughts and the most important thing to do is to pray

Answer by Krishnamurthy Venkatasubramanyam
Do not worry. Have a glass of pure mineral water before going to bed. Some time you wake up in midnight. At such time also have a glass of pure mineral water and say some prayers and sleep again. Morning will be fresh. A very light dinner of fruits,salads by advised. avoid non veg at night SEE THE CHANGE IN YOU WITHIN 15DAYS AND TELL ME.

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