How Do I Lose the Weight on My Belly and the Area Between the Butt and the Thighs?

Question by Jamie: How do I lose the weight on my belly and the area between the butt and the thighs?
Also, I always have fat on and above my knees. Whenever I gain weight, I get more fat on my face, my stomach, the thuttocks part, and weirdly, on my knees.

p.s. I’ve tried doing sit-ups, but sit-ups doesn’t get rid of the fat, it just gives you abs.

Best answer:

Answer by lidia101
sit-ups, jogging, swimming (burns lots of calories in your body)

try to play sports
any kinds of sports
it helps
if you do that more and more
you will see the difference
also watch what you eat

Answer by mike
Any type of cardio will work (i.e. running, biking, swimming, etc.. ). All of that will burn the fat and if you keep doing it, you will keep off the weight. If you want to gain some muscle on top of this, i would then suggest doing sit-ups, squats, crunches, and those kind of workouts.

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