How Do I Know if I’ve Developed ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) ?

Question by Julie: How do I know if I’ve developed ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) ?
I’m in a very good engineering grad school but I’m doing pretty poorly. And it’s not because I’m dumb or I don’t study. I study pretty much a lot, but screw up some critical points on the exams.
I have a feeling that I’ve developed ADHD/ADD. I seem to be distracted by any tiny thing. Also, when I study, I got to get up every 15-30 mins to drink/eat or just walk around.

I once spoke with a doctor (not my doctor) and he said that if I get a prescription for Adderall/Ritalin, it will go on my record and people who want to check my background will see that. So, I kind of decided not to go with this.
How can I know that I have ADHD/ADD without starting going to doctors. Is there a way to fix it without any of those pills? I really don’t want to take them.

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Answer by vegancomputergeek
You don’t just develop ADHD when you are in grad school. It’s something you have from you are little. Whatever is causing your problems it’s not ADHD

Answer by Steve D
Well a psychologist or a therapist will have to tell you that in the end but here is a web site to give you and Idea if you might have it. But you don’t just develop it. I have ADD
Here is the web site:
Don’t put too much stock into it but it will give you an idea if you need to pursue it. As far as that going on your record that is bunch of crap. I have it and am not aware of any list I have been put on. I could understand things like schizophrenia going on your record but not ADD/ADHD.

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